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Time To Move On

Dear all,

This post is at the same time easy and difficult to write. Easy, because I know it’s the right thing to do, but hard because I get so emotional doing it. I have had a truly great year, on this blog. It has been full of experiences and funny moments. I remember a very special day for me – the day where this blog was discovered. I haven’t even had the blog for a month, and suddenly, one day I got 500 followers. I still can’t believe that you readers, out there, will read posts written by me, and for that I’m truly grateful.

But everything has an end. Lately I have been having this voice inside me, telling me that it’s time to move on. After the summer vacation I’m taking a year on High School in The States, and I need to be completely focused on my new life, family and friends over there. Also, after The States I will attend Business School, and at that time I know by now that I won’t have the time to blog either.

My goal is to become a designer – I don’t have a doubt at all! I’ve always wanted to be a designer. I love being creative. I love to show my inspiration, ideas, clothes, style ect. and that was also the reason for the beginning of this blog. But, being a blogger isn’t my life goal, and I know now that I don’t wish to take the blog further.

I have been invited to 1000 of fashion shows and article interviews, being a guest writer on other blogs, and I could go on and on.. Thank you so much, all of you, for giving me this opportunity. Over this year I have received over 80.000 comments and they have all ben read. I will for sure remember your beautiful words.

Please feel free to browse the archives. 393 post in 12 categories with a whole 27.119 comments. It has ben a busy but amazing year!

Thank you, everyone, for a fantastic year.


I love you all. Have a great summer!

Hugs and Kisses! -C


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