About me

Hey sweethearts!

My passion is fashion. I will educate me as a designer and my dream is to have my own firm in the fashion industry.


The name of my blog kinda established it self – EatCreateLove.

I love baking and cooking! I like to put on my apron and just start experimenting in the kitchen. I’m a vegetarian. Being vegetarian makes cooking fun and exiting, food suddenly becomes an important part of your life. I actually made a cooking book, where I wrote down all my recipes and ideas.

To create is one of the most important things in my life! To express yourself in a design is like singers who express themself in their songs. I’m designing my own clothes, well parts of it, cause I still love to shop till my credit cards is bleeding! Besides that, i’m remodeling furniture ect.

We can’t live without love! What would I do without love?!


In 2012 I will spend a year in the US, where i’m going to be an exchange student. I can’t wait and if I could deside I would take of right now! I can’t wait to try High School, meeting my host family and getting new friends!


Hope you’ll enjoy this fashion blog!

Hugs and kisses! -C